Sunday, March 24, 2013

State Posters & File Folders

My third graders love to learn about states but they are not quite report ready. They will be doing that next year in 4th grade but I want to give them a taste of all our states so I came up with another way to have them do their reports. Last year we just did posters. This year I added in choices. They had three choices.
1. Make a state poster
2. Do a state report
3. Make a state file folder

I gave them the required information they needed and told them to find 5 more facts of their choice.
Take a guess which one no one picked!

There projects came out good. They were all sharing information with each other and having fun. There of course were the few that struggled to complete the project but they struggle to complete everything.

Here are some pictures of the file folders and one poster. I had a lot of neater posters but forget to take pictures of them.

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