Sunday, June 29, 2014

Speeding Ticket

I just saw a post on making speeding tickets for your students. I love the idea and wish I had it last year for my Speedy Gonzalo kiddos from my third grade class. I don't know about you but every year I get those student that think it is more important to be the first one done rather than get the answers correct. I had two students last year that drove me crazy doing this! I wish I would have had these tickets to give them. Maybe they would have melted down less seeing it on this paper verses me telling them.

I plan on printing these on colored paper, yellow probably, but we will see. I want to make four on a page to save copies. My new school has way more copies than I used to have but I don't want to waste any if I don't have to.
Here is the original post that I found. Her tickets were very cute but I had to add my own twist. I use Turtle Bucks in my class (fake money) which is a twist off my own 3rd grade teacher who used Zoo Bucks. Miss Jenkins was my favorite childhood teacher and the reason I wanted to teach 3rd grade.

Anyhow I just load my version for FREE in my TPT Store if you want to grab them :) Have a great day.

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